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Project U-TOPIA 

Towards the empowerment of elderly people

with HIV




Fortunately, today the infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is no longer a death sentence. Thanks to effective anti retroviral therapy, HIV has become a chronic condition. Living longer, however, is not the same as living in good health: the growing population of elderly people with HIV is experiencing relatively many physical, mental and social problems.



Project U-TOPIA is taking steps towards experiencing more personal power and strength. In the project, through co-creation and market exploration, (the need for) concepts for assistive technology are explored that meet the needs of elderly people with HIV to self-manage and improve their quality of life.


Role of the HealthFactory

The HealthFactory co-developed the project. She coordinates and evaluates the project on behalf of the Netherlands, takes a role in the design and execution of co-creation activities and performs research into existing concepts and products for self-management.



This Active & Assisted Living (AAL) project is an initiative of UTOPIA_BXL. The consortium consists of organisations from Belgium, Portugal, Austria and the Netherlands with access to primary (elderly with HIV) and secondary users (HIV doctors, nurses, social workers). Waag, Institute for Art, Science and Technology, supervises the co-creation process.



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