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Project Talent development

including Science & Technology


Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the world around us. From 2020 onwards science and technology will need to be included both in the core objectives of primary education and the development objectives of childcare in The Netherlands.



The project changes technology promotion for technology education by permanently integrating science & technology in primary schools and childcare centers. Teachers and pedagogical staff are the owners of this process. The aim is to educate children (2-12 years) by letting them learn about science and technology in their everyday games.

Role of the Health Factory

The consortium concerns a public-private partnership within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. GezondheidFabriek connects the world of technology (partners) in health and care e.g. through inspiration sessions and as a facility for learning through play.



ROC van Amsterdam and ROC van Flevoland. A collaboration of vocational education, primary schools, childcare and out-of-school care, knowledge institutes, companies and sector organizations.



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