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Talent The key to innovation lies in the connection between education and practice.

In the HealthFactory there is a lot of attention for education and the professional of the future. It is in everyone's interest that talented graduates enter the labour market well prepared. That is why we actively cooperate with educational institutions, secondary and higher vocational education, to ensure that educational programmes are better aligned with the market, with healthcare, with the business community, modern technologies and new methodologies. In addition, smart companies and healthcare organisations bring in scarce and excellent talent through internships and projects.


Check out our Talent projects and activities below for inspiration.

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Our talent projects

CviVHAF: Care innovation for the elderly

The project organizes the Public Private Partnership and innovative power needed to renew elderly care. The three objectives: innovation (via care innovation labs), training (via apprenticeships) and knowledge sharing (via care innovation portal and practical research).

Within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, this Public Private Partnership is building three field labs: locations managed by a healthcare provider, where an environment is created for students, healthcare professionals and teachers for continuous learning.



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