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Our innovation projects


MyWepp Senior is a digital solution that -with the help of (in) formal carers- supports elderly people to live independently at home. With this 'ZonMW Distribution and Implementation Impulse', we investigate with various end-users what is needed to successfully bring MyWepp to the market. 


From schoolyear 2020 onwards, science and technology need to be part of primary education and childcare! In this public private partnership we work on technology education for science and technology to become integrated permanently in primary schools and childcare centers.

Interreg Europe project TITTAN aims to improve a region's innovation policy on active and healthy aging. Seven EU regions exchange 'good practices' to subsequently implement local policies that benefit the development, adoption and use of innovative technological solutions.



Within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, this Public Private Partnership is building three field labs, i.e. buildings managed by healthcare providers in which
an environment is created for continuous learning.



In six testing grounds, counselors of children with autism build up knowledge and experience about how they can use existing social robots as support in the pursuit of an optimal learning environment.



In project FIT, needs and solutions are mapped to offer people with dementia a suitable, personal package of solutions (products and services) by means of a decision aid: tailor-made support for the specific situation and phases of dementia.



Estimating the risk of falling is important for a timely and targeted intervention to prevent falls. In project BRAVO new knowledge is developed together with SMEs to estimate fall risk in realistic environments (residential and hospital environments) and the acceptance of technology.



This Center for Innovative Craftsmanship organizes the Public Private Partnership and innovative power needed to renew elderly care. Its three objectives are innovation (via care innovation labs), training (via apprenticeships) and knowledge sharing (via care innovation portal and practical research)

In this project, the first self-propelled wheelchair is being developed, which enables users to live (more) independently with more autonomy, more choice, control and confidence in their personal lives.

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Through experiencing, co-creating and integrating eHealth applications, elderly work together with carers and entrepreneurs on the cultural shift towards the successful deployment of eHealth applications (at home). The project wants to solve the so-called 'eHealth implementation infarct' and boost the 'Silver Economy' in a sustainable way



The Public Private Partnership TechPack Flevoland was established to make more students enthusiastic for a job in technology. To achieve +100 outflow, investments will be made in recruitment and in new educational innovations (skills labs, internship models, new associate degrees) for a better connection between education and the labor market.


BrainGymmer includes research into and development of useful and fun online training programs for people with a mental illness. The work is done in collaboration with (neuroscience) researchers.



Together we produce health

The primary goal of the HealthFactory is to facilitate innovation projects. We currently support around twenty projects. We collaborate in local, national and European consortia. Together we may work on a new product or service, on the healthcare professional of the future or on the design of an entirely new healthcare system.


Some projects are in the planning phase, others have already started. We often bid for funds successfully, but sometimes an idea does not get off the ground. Do you have an initiative, idea or wish for a new project, then we would love to hear from you. You can get an overview of our innovation projects below.

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The U-TOPIA project is taking steps towards experiencing more personal power and strength. In the project, through co-creation and market exploration, concepts for assistive technology are designed that meet the needs of elderly people with HIV to manage and improve their quality of life.


In the European project Gift2Gift we bring 'needy elderly' together with 'helping elderly' towards the development of an innovative, ICT-driven gift card system. The goal is a financially sound collaboration platform that supports and activates the elderly.



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