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Where ideas become reality

Physical or virtual, the HealthFactory offers partners access to facilities, expertise and test environments in all shapes and sizes. Located on the top floor of multi-company building Synderella in Almere, the HealthFactory has more than 1500 square meters of floor space at its disposal. Here you can take advantage of our technology lab and data facilities. In addition, partners have access to various (living, field, digital) lab environments with opportunities for organizations, project groups and user groups to experience, co-create, test, implement and scale up (technological) innovations. Contact us and we will gladly inform you how it works.

R&D Lab

To develop and produce technological and digital innovations, project groups can use our extensive technology lab. Here you will find computers for developing software and drawing electronics and enclosures, a 3D printer, workbenches with various tools, a microscope for soldering extremely small electronic components and a prototype testing facility. The HealthFactory has access to product developers, product designers and software engineers for the associated skills and expertise.


Big Data Facility

Smart collection and utilization of the enormous amount of data generated within the health and care sector offers our society and economy unprecedented opportunities. The Big Data Value Center or BDVC is located on the fifth floor and brings together various experts with knowledge of databases, data analysis, visualization, specific regulations and the health domain. In its so-called Collaboratorium, experiments can be carried out safely in a 'closed' environment with state-of-the-art tools.


Living Labs

In the HealthFactory there is ample attention for testing innovations; both in a controlled environment and in real life, where technological and social innovation come together.

Experience room  


The HealthFactory has its own demo room to demonstrate and test innovations before they go to a practical environment. The space is designed as a care-oriented living environment with, for example, a high /low bed, a sitting room with visual communication facilities and extensive home automation facilities.

Skills labs


Skills labs have been set up at various institutions for secondary and higher vocational education, e.g. ROC Friese Poort, ROC van Flevoland and Hogeschool Windesheim, in order for care and technology students to learn and work with innovative care technology on a structural basis.

Living Labs


Through various (talent) projects, so-called Living Labs have been set up at several locations, both at home and in care homes. Here residents, citizens, elderly, people with a disability together with family members and (in)formal carers are available to co-create and test innovations in real life settings.



Online coffee time, online fitness, online memory training, from its base in Almere-Haven Senior-Live teaches older adults to understand and use today's technology. Through cooperation with Senior-Live, our partners can involve elderly in innovation projects.

Rental and work space

The HealthFactory provides suitable work spaces and facilities for both small and large project groups. A number of companies and organizations rent (long-term) work space. In this way, the HealthFactory covers rental and service costs. The condition is always that the parties are involved in activities in the field of care and wellbeing.

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