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GezondheidFabriek projecten

Yes! You have a project idea!

Read this first:

GezondheidFabriek has

all expertise

to support a project successfully.

You can submit your project to us if it meets these criteria:


The social value of your project goal fits with the mission and goals of the HealthFactory.


The economic value of the project offers possibilities for up-scaling and market realization.

The project challenge involves knowledge development.

All relevant partners are represented in the project team.

Knowledge and expertise gained is freely accessible to, and free to share by, all consortium partners.


This means that every project is screened for the sharing of intellectual property, the use of open standards, privacy conditions and cooperation structure.

Partners established in the Netherlands participate in your project idea. The project is (also) organized in the Netherlands.


The cooperation in the Health Factory is not limited to partners from Flevoland or the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Solutions can be applied regionally through regional partners.

We also find the following factors relevant to a successful project:

There is sufficient support and relevant stakeholders show interest in the project.

There is synergy with other projects and accumulated knowledge.

The possibilities to attract funding are favorable. Participation in projects requires active investment (in cash, materials or hours) from all partners.


Subsidy for a project is used for social partners and / or educational institutions and is therefore in principle not available for companies. De GezondheidFabriek itself has no financial resources and does not allocate financial resources to projects.


The intake form can be filled in via the button below. We can use this form to assess and test whether your project idea meets the above conditions.


We will contact you within a week of receipt. In the event of a positive assessment, we discuss what support can be offered. You can always contact us if you have any questions or doubts. 


The HealthFactory may charge a support fee for supporting projects. The project managers help the project groups in all phases. Whether it concerns project development, grant applications, technical R&D, user studies, project management or communication.

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