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Project InnovCare

Implementing MyWepp Senior in the Netherlands




The MyWepp Senior application has been developed in the European AAL project InnovCare. This doesn't mean that this technologically robust solution that supports the elderly and their informal carers regarding independent living is ready. What is needed next is the adoption and successful marketing of MyWepp Senior.



ZonMw has awarded a Dissemination and Implementation Impulse (VIMP in Dutch) to advance the project results. Via two different Dutch "user organisations", and Zorgfix Thuiszorg, we will investigate with elderly, informal and formal carers how MyWepp Senior can be best brought to the Dutch market, both in terms of functionalities and business model.


Role of the HealthFactory

Health Factory has co-developed the project proposal and, upon successful funding, will carry out both the implementation evaluation and project management. The project will last 12 months. The lessons learned are broadly applicable to the implementation of innovative assistive technology.



Brevidius B.V. together with, Stichting Zorgfix Thuiszorg, Health Factory



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