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Project Gift2Gift

A senior-to-senior platform that promotes active ageing as well as the sharing economy




The government requires that elderly people live independently at home for as long as possible and that citizens participate actively to make this possible. Meanwhile, the number of older adults living alone is increasing, as is the call for support. After all, ageing is accompanied by a loss of physical, mental and social possibilities and loneliness and monotony are lurking.



With numbers increasing, it is interesting that the number of older people with valuable knowledge and skills is also increasing. In project Gift2Gift we wish to bring together 'needy elderly' and 'helping elderly' on the way to the development of an innovative, ICT-driven gift card system. The goal is a financially healthy collaboration platform that supports and activates the elderly.


Role of the HealthFactory

The Health Factory has co-developed the project proposal. Together with Senior-Live, she organises co-creation sessions with elderly in the Netherlands and conducts research into a sustainable business model.



This Active & Assisted Living (AAL) project is an initiative of Civics. The consortium consists of organisations from Denmark, Portugal and the Netherlands.



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