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We combine technological and social innovation
Take a look at the story of Birgit & WoonMere 

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At the HealthFactory

we are doing it together!

At the GezondheidFactory (or 'HealthFactory' in English) we turn supply and demand into action. Our innovation projects connect big (and small) challenges in health and wellbeing with smart  ideas and excellent partners. By working together with citizens, health and  care providers,  knowledge institutes,  business and  government  we match needs and solutions. HealthFactory makes working together  easier.

The expertise of our partners lies at the interface of technology, big data value creation, health and wellbeing. Knowledge, expertise and skills  developed in  projects are shared within  our network. Together we create a healthy and social society.

In Almere Poort forward thinking parents created WoonMere, a special home  for  kids with severe and multiple disabilities.  Close collaboration between the kids themselves, their parents, the housing corporation, care providers, the municipality, the  home automation and technology suppliers plus many others made  this unique housing project possible.


In WoonMere people  like Birgit get the chance to live independently  and caregivers  can dedicate their precious time to providing 'real' care and attention.  Birgit is keen to drive FreeWheels, the first self-driving wheelchair: co-created in the GezondheidFabriek by students  and technology company Cinnovate.


WoonMere has inspired the creation of the GezondheidFabriek. Only by working together, in this ground-breaking way, can we meet today's complex challenges in the area of health, wellbeing and living.

Our projects start  with the needs and aspirations of people

Followed by 'launching customers' and innovative entrepreneurs, as they too are essential in achieving impact and success. The HealthFactory assists in  the necessary project development,  public private collaboration, funding and planning towards solutions in innovation projects.  This could be a completely new product or service, the  healthcare worker of the future or  an entire systems innovation.

Take a look at our  projects

Commissioned by technology company  Cinnovate, bachelor students are developing the first self-driving wheelchair. FreeWheels should allow users  to improve their independence and autonomy

To educate the healthcare professional of the future, three field labs are  created  in nursing homes. Here elderly, healthcare professionals, students and teachers  collaborate in an environment for continuous learning 

The Health Factory is an  open learning  and working environment

The Health Factory is open to anyone with a complex challenge or bright idea that cannot be tackled alone. We believe in the power of collaboration in furthering knowledge and creativity.  Typical collaboration partners are citizens or patients, researchers and students, health and social care providers, entrepreneurs as well as municipalities. Partners are able to make use of various practical activities and special facilities.


Access to public and private partners


We share successes, research and project results


We work closely together with students and education


From R&D and data facilities to  co-creation in living labs

Our partners

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