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Project The eHealth Users Guild

Boosting the Silver Economy

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Within the 'Silver Economy' expectations are high with regard to eHealth products and services that can support the autonomy and well-being of the elderly at home. In practice it is not all (g)old that shines: the elderly and their formal and informal carers adopt modern technology with difficulty. The business community speaks of an 'implementation infarct'.



In order to boost the economic strength of the 'Silver Economy' in a sustainable manner, the project The eHealth Users Guild focuses on the successful implementation (awareness, user-friendliness and revenue model) of eHealth services and products to support the elderly, healthcare providers AND entrepreneurs. By experiencing, co-creating and integrating eHealth applications together, entrepreneurs, older adults and carers collaborate in the much-needed cultural shift towards the successful deployment of eHealth at home.


Intended result

After three years, the eHealth Users Guild strengthens the 'Silver Economy' with:

  • up to 17 internationally marketable eHealth innovations;

  • a regional, open eHealth implementation environment to accelerate SMEs and eHealth innovations;

  • the social and technological integration of individual eHealth applications by the elderly and those involved in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area;

  • an eHealth up-scaling coalition of eHealth conscious elderly, eHealth expert (home)care professionals, and others;

  • 'future proof' healthcare providers integrating eHealth into their range of services, also after the project is finished.


Role of the HealthFactory

The HealthFactory developed the consortium and project together with the partners, and successfully bid for funds. HealthFactory is responsible for overall project management,  communication and up-scaling activities. Upon project end, the living labs under the care of the care providers may continue to be used to accelerate eHealth innovations.

Results and products

To support both healthcare professionals and eHealth developers/entrepreneurs, knowledge partners Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Waag, and Noorderwind, developed various instruments:












The Roadmap (left) helps people working in healthcare and eHealth entrepreneurs to find the way to implement new healthcare technology. With the Toolkit, eHealth entrepreneurs develop a validated business case model. Both products are interactive.



The HealthFactory initiated this European Regional Development Fund project upon request of the healthcare providers to start using eHealth solutions to support the elderly at home.



European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Kansen voor West II 2014-2020. 

Municipality of Lelystad and Municipality of Almere co-finance the project

eHealth Implementatie Roadmap
Business Case Toolkit



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