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We are makers. Together we build 

a healthy and social society!

Dutch health care has undergone major changes in recent years. Our health and social care systems are under pressure and worldwide people are looking for sustainable solutions for a happy and healthy society.

The HealthFactory is looking for the solution in collaboration, and in the combination of technological and social innovation. It stands for:

  • a better quality of life for everyone

  • a sustainable (and affordable) system of care and welfare

  • economic growth in new markets and employment


Our core values are collaboration, open, person-oriented and demand-driven, in order to always meet the needs and aspirations of the people around us.

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The HealthFactory is an independent non-profit foundation

Technology company Cinnovate, Big Data Value Center, Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research TNO and the Municipality of Almere initiated the GezondheidFabriek or HealthFactory in English. They saw needs and opportunities, and in 2014 created the 'Health and Welfare Innovation Center Almere' (or GWIA). In early 2017, GWIA was renamed HealthFactory.


With a subsidy from the Province of Flevoland, the infrastructure of the HealthFactory was established. Public and private partners find an open working and learning environment in the HealthFactory. We put our mission and goals into practice in the form of innovation projects along four pillars: Network, Knowledge, Talent and Lab.


Access to public and private partners, talent, facilities, knowledge and good examples for inspiration and collaboration. Become a partner or sponsor today!


Knowledge and expertise produced in the HealthFactory, such as research and project results, good practices, is freely available for everyone to learn from and to build on.

Collaborations with students and training institutes on internships and projects in support of education - labor market issues and innovation.

Access to R&D and data science facilities, workspace and living lab options for co-creation and testing. Both physically and digitally.


Do you have an initiative, idea or wish for a new project, we would love to hear from you!

The HealthFactory occupies a unique position with regard to project support. Project groups are not only brought together by connecting ideas and networks, project groups can actually execute projects in the HealthFactory. With this we both increase the chance of success and ensure a valuable use of public funds.


Is your project idea eligible for support? Here you find our conditions for collaboration and an intake form for us to look at your project idea. De HealthFactory itself has no financial resources and does not allocate financial resources to projects. Depending on the type of support, we may ask for a financial contribution.


The project managers help the project teams in all phases. Whether it concerns project development, grant applications, technical R&D, user tests, project management or communication. De HealthFactory has all the expertise to support projects successfully. The project overview gives an impression of the scope of our activities.

In addition to innovation projects, you can also contact us for research assignments.


Does your project idea match our conditions? Then download the intake form now!

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