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Project BRAVO

Movement Registration and Analysis for Fall Risk Assessment in Elderly




Falling is the most common cause of accidental injury in the elderly. In the Netherlands, every 5 minutes one elderly person falls in a way that treatment at an emergency department is necessary.



Estimating the risk of falling is important for a timely and targeted intervention to prevent falls. In the BRAVO project new knowledge is developed together with SMEs to estimate fall risk in realistic environments (residential environment and hospital environment) and about the acceptance of the related technology.


Role of the HealthFactory

The HealthFactory supports research into the risk of falling in a residential environment, specifically through the provision of lab facilities to partner Cinnovate. The knowledge gained will be used to boost new products and services and build a business case.



This 'Raak-Publiek' project is an initiative of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Domain Digital Media & Creative Industry, and Domain Health.



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