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Project BrainGymmer

Serious mental health games


Research has shown that our cognitive functions begin to decline from the age of thirty. It is estimated that 25% of the world's population is affected by mental illness. Dementia in particular is increasingly common. In the Netherlands, more than 20 billion a year is spent on the consequences of brain diseases. How can we respond to patients' needs and improve mental health?



Project BrainGymmer involves research into and development of useful and fun (adaptive) online programmes such as serious games, tests, brain teasers and training videos that respond to the above challenge. Because the basis of the work lies in neuroscience, we collaborate with researchers to improve and validate the training programs: University of Amsterdam, VU Medical Center, Calgary University, Maastricht University, Leiden University, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Sophia Rehabilitation. These studies concern research into cognitive training effects in children with a congenital brain injury, cognitive training effects in people with schizophrenia and cognitive training effects after a cerebral infarction.


Role of the Health Factory

With the HealthFactory as a knowledge partner, BrainGymmer keeps abreast of the latest developments in serious game technology to promote the sustainability of healthcare, especially in the mental health field.



Dezzel Media BV is initiator of the project.




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